White Noise Online

There are several online websites that allow for you to have white noise in the background while you work, study, or type up the paper that’s due in an hour and you are stressing out. White noise is arguably good for cognition and memory in schoolwork, so these websites could come in handy. Below are some websites that features differently to help you in different circumstances. Check out the websites below to get some ideas on what some websites offer out there for you. Let us begin! http://www.rainymood.com/ This website is just awesome. Rainy mood plays the sound of rain and thunder in the background while you work away. It’s a relaxing, simple, and delightful website. What’s lovely about this site is that it does not take time to load nor does it freeze. It also has an awesome background of a rain-stained window. You can hear winds, too. It’s a beautiful website for you if you are writing and cozying up with a nice cup of tea or hot cocoa. http://www.naturesoundplayer.com/ Another option you have is to play nature sounds in general. There are sounds of birds chirping, the ocean’s tide, thunderstorms, rivers, crackling fire, and so on. The neat part about this website is that you can mix and match the sounds, so that you are listening to more than one nature sound at once. For instance, you can play ocean sounds with thunderstorms for more of that rainy by the ocean effect. Or, you can go for a cozier effect by playing the sound crackling fire. Don’t forget that hot cup of tea or cocoa. It really sets the mood for creativity. http://www.whitenoiseplayer.com/ If rain is not your thing, try whitenoiseplayer.com. It has a variety of sounds that you can switch around, depending on the mood you are trying to set. The sounds include: a fan, hair dryer, rain, ocean, crickets, and wind among other sounds. http://www.napsounds.com/ With some nice background music, classical or nature-based, this website offers a meditation with white noise to give you a calm power nap to help you take a break from the stresses of everyday life. The narrator has a soothing, calming voice that is bound to make you feel sleepy and have a little power nap. These are only some of the websites out there. There are plenty more and more variety for you. Research white noise for more variety and you will find more websites that will help you calm down. There are also plenty more websites out there that offer white noise backgrounds to help you study, type up that report, deal with stress that you have in your life in a healthy and calm.


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