To sleep is divine to be deprive of sleep is disaster

 People’s lifestyles now a day are so fast-paced. Most are in the rat race. Busyness has ruled their lives. And because of this more and more people are having a hard time falling asleep or having sleeping deprivation. Lack of sleep can really affect a person s equilibrium and decreased productivity. Usually, a person needs 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night in order for them to be mentally alert during the day. A good quality sleep is essential, proper rest is adds to a person s vigour. Aside of lost productivity of sleeplessness it can cause motor or vehicle accidents. Getting enough sleep at night or taking naps in the afternoon can help prevent serious accidents. Consulting a physician is very important when signs of sleep disorder such as insomnia occur. TYPES OF INSOMNIA 1. WAKING UP TOO EARLY 2. DIFFICULTY FALLING ASLEEP 3. NO PROBLEM FALLING ASLEEP BUT MAINTAINING TO STAY ASLEEP TREATMENT OF INSOMNIA: After a proper diagnose if it is a medical or psychological problem and identifying what is the main cause of insomnia, treatment can also include the following: 1. SLEEP RESTRICTION- spending too much time lying in bed in order to get some sleep doesn t really help. A restriction program allows only a few hours of sleep during the night. 2. RELAXATION THERAPY-soft music and other relaxing sounds can help reduce tensions and anxiety. A good massage can also do wonders for it helps the body or muscles to relax. therefore inducing a restful sleep. 3. THE USE OF BRIGHT LIGHT- If you have troubles falling asleep at night. It helps to get much bright light in the morning as this reset the internal clock to an earlier time at night for sleep. TIPS ON GETTING YOU TO SLEEP ? Exercise more often ? Limit your coffee, tea, chocolate and soda intake ? Manage stress ? Don t eat heavy snacks before going to bed ? Don t nap during the day ? Before getting to bed try to relax and not to worry much. Worrying contributes having insomnia Sleeping pills can help in some cases, it can be unsafe to use if you have certain health problems. A well known brand such as Rozerem can treat insomnia. Rozerem is sedative, also called a hypnotic. It affects chemicals in your brain that may become unbalanced and cause sleep problems. This medication causes relaxation will make you fall asleep. You can get this medicine at an online reputable Pharmacy such as, which sells other leading brands such as prescription tramadol.


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