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Creating Your Own Private Meditation Room

 Meditation rooms are not rooms per se. Most of the time, they are just secluded nooks in someoneĆ¢€™s home where one can be in total isolation to be able to think, relax and meditate. Having a private meditation room, however, is not something that has to be exclusive to yoga practitioners. You too can have your very own meditation room which you can use as a place just to sit back and get away from the fast-paced and stressful daily life that most of us live. Your meditation room can be your own hideaway, where you can breathe freely and gather your thoughts together. Choosing a Spot for Your Meditation Room Quietness and isolation are the primary qualities that a meditation room must have. No matter how small your home is, it is possible to have a meditation room where you can have a bit of peaceful respite. Just find a place to set it up that is a little out of the way in your home. You can situate your own meditation room in your own bedroom if you want. Any corner that can be made

Animal Doctors An Alternative Way To Get Stress And Anxiety Relief

 A day s work ends not at “quitting time.” After a hard day s work, one cannot just rush home and immediately sit back on the sofa with feet raised. After long hours of paper sorting, tedious analysis and hours more of report writing, the average worker cannot simply relax knowing that there are are still more things to done in the house. Eight hours at the office is followed by more domestic tasks such as cleaning the living room, washing the dishes, or doing the laundry. Being at home is just like doing another work shift, but this time, without the need to wear that tie or long-heeled pair of Prada. There is, however, a great consolation to doing housework. Unlike being in the office, doing more work at home allows one to enjoy the benefits of being in the company of loved ones. As a bonus, a pet lover can also enjoy being with a congenial companion that helps one get over all the stress and anxiety at the office. Having a pet, like having a family, can be a real stress-buster. Medi

Music Therapy Providing Food for the Body And Soul

 Music’s origin has not yet been dated as it has been said to have occurred long before recorded history. Some historians say it may have come from naturally occurring sounds and rhythms like the sound of thunder or the sound of a running stream. Human music may have come from trying to echo these sounds using patterns, repetition and tonality. Even at present time, some cultures use music that imitates natural sounds. Aside from the usual bird song, and animals tapping on hollow logs to mark territory, the human voice is said to be the first music instrument. Music was said to have been used in relation to shamanistic beliefs or practice, for entertainment, and/or for practical functions. Music has been used in feast celebration, as a form of praise and worship. It has also been used to while away vacant time. The men have used it for hunting by using the music to lure animals into traps or cornered areas. The main use of music back then was for communication to the spirit world. Ba

Giving Women A Break Relaxation As A Way To regain health and happiness

 More and more women are now taking center stage and carving their own niche in the business industry. Unlike before, women are now accepted and expected to perform well outside the confines of the home. More than just raising children and taking care of domestic chores, women are empowered to pursue their own dreams and prove themselves as being capable of succeeding in endeavors that were traditionally reserved for men. Today, many women are able to engage in various activities based on the career or lifestyle they choose. They are no longer “caged” in the house, consigned to wait for the husband s arrival from work and to taking care of every need and want of their children. In almost every endeavor and discipline --- in government, business, the academe, and other important fields of work --- one can find women of stature and significance. Still, even if it is quite unfair, women still do most of the work at home. Apart from their day job, they still face the challenge of balancing

To sleep is divine to be deprive of sleep is disaster

 People’s lifestyles now a day are so fast-paced. Most are in the rat race. Busyness has ruled their lives. And because of this more and more people are having a hard time falling asleep or having sleeping deprivation. Lack of sleep can really affect a person s equilibrium and decreased productivity. Usually, a person needs 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night in order for them to be mentally alert during the day. A good quality sleep is essential, proper rest is adds to a person s vigour. Aside of lost productivity of sleeplessness it can cause motor or vehicle accidents. Getting enough sleep at night or taking naps in the afternoon can help prevent serious accidents. Consulting a physician is very important when signs of sleep disorder such as insomnia occur. TYPES OF INSOMNIA 1. WAKING UP TOO EARLY 2. DIFFICULTY FALLING ASLEEP 3. NO PROBLEM FALLING ASLEEP BUT MAINTAINING TO STAY ASLEEP TREATMENT OF INSOMNIA: After a proper diagnose if it is a medical or psychological problem and ident

White Noise Online

There are several online websites that allow for you to have white noise in the background while you work, study, or type up the paper that’s due in an hour and you are stressing out. White noise is arguably good for cognition and memory in schoolwork, so these websites could come in handy. Below are some websites that features differently to help you in different circumstances. Check out the websites below to get some ideas on what some websites offer out there for you. Let us begin! This website is just awesome. Rainy mood plays the sound of rain and thunder in the background while you work away. It’s a relaxing, simple, and delightful website. What’s lovely about this site is that it does not take time to load nor does it freeze. It also has an awesome background of a rain-stained window. You can hear winds, too. It’s a beautiful website for you if you are writing and cozying up with a nice cup of tea or hot cocoa. Another

Alternative Technology Subliminals

Alternative Technology: Subliminals When people are physically sick, they usually go to the doctor and have their bodies assessed for whatever pain or sickness they have. When people are mentally or emotionally disturbed, they usually go to a counsellor, psychiatrist or psychological to alleviate their emotional anguish and psychological distress. However, there is an alternative technology that offers both healing and improvement of physical, emotional and mental health. This alternative technology is better known as subliminals. What Are Subliminals? The theory behind the utilization of subliminals is that the messages which are under a person s visual level or audio level will be received directly by the  unconscious  mind, thus by-passing conscious detection and evaluation. People who listen to subliminal tapes just hear music or sounds from nature, such as waves, waterfalls, chirping birds, rustling leaves, dolphin calls, etc on the surface. Underneath these music or nature sounds

Helpful Tips to Get Your ADD ADHD Indigo Child To Sleep Naturally

 As a single mom of four children myself I know how difficult it is to get any child to bed on time! It is even more difficult if a child has been diagnosed as Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder or more commonly referred to as ADD/ADHD. The Angel Lady, Doreen Virtue, calls this: Attention Dialed into a Higher Dimension. Brilliant! My eldest son, since the day he arrived into this world has been a go-go-goer! The first year of his life, I tripled my own age! I was sleep deprived and literally exhausted, a walking zombie! He barely slept and the times he did sleep, he was very restless, constantly moving and frequently waking up. Routines and schedules did not work for him at that time. Taking one five minute nap during the day would give this child enough of an energy boost to keep him ticking until well past midnight and he would still be up by 6AM! He by passed crawling and was literally running at eight and half months! He was definitely my little energizer bunny! In this artic

Driving Away Stress

 It’s the morning rush hour, and your blood has reached the boiling point. You have exactly five minutes to get to work and you discover a major traffic tie-up along the freeway. You see the orange pylons and suddenly realize that you are stuck in a construction zone. The stress of being late for work seems overwhelming. Or, perhaps it’s 5:30 p.m. and you’re rushing to pick your four-year-old up from day care. A car suddenly veers in front of you and you have to slam on the brakes. You barely avoid an accident. Again, your stress level is rising and you’re finding it difficult to cope. In today’s world, driving is a major cause of stress. Many of us spend countless hours stuck in traffic jams. There seem to be more cars on the road than ever before. In many American cities, traffic problems are a major public safety issue. And, at times, it might seem as if drivers are less courteous than they’ve ever been. Another source of stress is the care and maintenance of your vehicle. You have

Personal Stress Management Relaxation Strategies

Personal Stress Management: Relaxation Strategies It’s a plain fact that only you can help yourself overcome stress and the key to that starts with your mind. Without knowing it, the mind is the initial target of stress since everything that happens in our life is initially perceived and processed by our brain. Learning to control your chain of thoughts and a few relaxation tips can do wonder for your personal stress management. Relax and say goodbye to stress The first method in dealing with stress in your own personal way is to learn how to relax. It might not be much but professionals and therapists agree that being relaxed while in the throes of stress can help you find solutions in getting rid of it. There are plenty of methods that can help you relax, and you can choose one that will suit you best. Music and dancing It is true that the music soothes the savage beast, and your mind is definitely savage when under the influence of stress. Playing instrumental music or nature sounds